LGBT Winnipeg

All-round good times are a guarantee when you come to Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

And how could they not be when you discover our tight-knit LGBT community – a community who is so involved in our incredibly affluent arts scene, our ridiculously delicious culinary scene and above all our welcoming, incredibly hospitable character.  

Winnipeg is home to the largest LGBT population in Canada between Toronto and Vancouver. We also hold the distinction of being the first major North American city to elect an openly gay mayor (1998-2004).

Our safe, encouraging city is steeped in LGBTTQ* history and boasts world-class cultural institutions like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. We have great nightlife, an innovative design community, outstanding coffee shops, wine bars and shopping, and our whole river-situated city is studded with verdant parks where patios and gardens abound.

You really have to see this gem in the middle of Canada to believe it.

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