McNally Robinson Grant Park

1120 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A6
Phone: 204.475.0483
Toll free: 800.561.1833

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A pioneering store in the Canadian book industry, our Grant Park Winnipeg store replaced two smaller McNally Robinson locations. It was Canada’s largest independent bookstore at the time of its opening and, with two subsequent minor expansions to approximately 24,000 square feet, possibly still is. This store introduced features that have been echoed in our subsequent stores, notably a full-service restaurant and a comprehensive children’s bookstore, the latter located on the mezzanine. The store also prototyped our layout using themed alcoves instead of aisles. (Typically, bookstores are laid out with cross-aisles, forming a grid, like Los Angeles. Ours, however, are laid out in a radial plan, like Paris)

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21 Forks Market Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 4T7
1 855 PEG CITY (734-2489)

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