Clay Oven East Indian Restaurant - Kenaston Common

Address: 240 - 1600 Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB, R3P 0Y4
Phone: 204.888.2529

W: Clay Oven East Indian Restaurant - Kenaston Common

In the ancient and bustling cities of India, some of the best food is made on the streets. Roadside tandoors, or clay ovens, turn out fresh, traditional meals and provide a common meeting place for neighborhood families to gather, socialize and eat. Following that tradition, Winnipeg’s Clay Oven restaurant offers flavorful, authentic East Indian cooking in a casual, family-friendly environment. Dedicated to serving the freshest food, the Clay Oven chefs make many of their ingredients—from yogurt to fresh paneer—in house, and cook every meal to order: mild, medium or hot.

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