Best Eats

The following is a sampling of Peg City Grub's most sought after culinary categories:

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And please note: This does not include the hundreds of amazing Vietnamese restaurants in the West End.

Breakfast and Brunch

When bacon, eggs and toast won’t do, these spots take the most-important meal of the day to the next level.

Coffee Shops

Every neighbourhood has a trendy third wave coffee shop where hip staff will brew you the perfect cup.


Where sandwich making has become an art form.


Whether you are looking for local grass fed beef, or a famed Winnipeg Fat Boy, The Peg takes its burgers seriously.


The perfect spots to pick up something before heading out for a summer picnic.


The best way to get the real feel of a city is to do some people watching from a sunny patio.

Neighbourhood Gems

A little something for everyone.

Small Plates / Tapas

These chef-driven rooms have all received heaps of national acclaim.

Sweets & Pastries

From bean to bar chocolates, to Instagram-worthy bakeries, Winnipeg has your sweet tooth covered.

Ice Cream / Gelato

During Winnipeg’s hot summers a sweet cool-down is always in order.


Winnipeg’s microbrewery scene now has so much to pour over (or should we say pour from?)


Because we could all use a nightcap.

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