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In fulfilling her mission to inspire a great wine culture, Tina Jones has taken what began small (as Banville & Jones) to become a Manitoba destination. Jones & Company Wine Merchants is a premier wine retailer, supplier to fine restaurants, internationally accredited wine and drinks college, and award-winning magazine. In 2020 the store was renamed Jones & Company Wine Merchants to reflect the values and the team who fulfill the Jones mission every day.

Jones & Company is the largest private importer of wines in the province, with a team of more than 40, and includes the highest qualified staff in the province. Jones & Company is known for unparalleled service, a sincere love of wine, and a wide range of innovative programs for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The buying team constantly oversee the collection, bringing an ever-evolving selection of almost 2000 wines for every conceivable taste and budget.  

Jones & Company remains a local store, supporting farmers and small business owners around the globe. Our team of wine lovers find the highest quality, best-value wines in the world from people we believe in and whose stories we want to share. We build relationships with these winemakers; we build relationships with people who love wine; and we create connections between them.    

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