Matthew Vukson Dǫzhıı̀ Goı̨̀wà K’etło: Man Travels Far

Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art
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Opening reception: Friday, April 5th from 5-9pm Artist Talk and Livestream: Saturday, April 6th from 3-4pm

Tłı̨chǫ Dene Matthew Vukson from Brantford, ON. Matthew is a bead artist that specializes in the two-needle method and founder of Northern Flame Bead Designs. His work involves beading subject matter regarding traditional and contemporary practises through the lens of past, present and future. He has always been around beading; the love of traditional culture and its rich legacy has been passed down to him through his ancestors and women in his family. Matthew likes to share stories that are told by ever changing patterns and colours. He uses the healing power of art as a form of reclamation and resurgence. The artistry, spirituality and empowerment of beading are his lifelong personal and research interests.

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