Winnipeg Whiteout Street Party

Tickets: Free Event
Address: Donald Street between Portage Avenue and St. Mary Avenue

As the Winnipeg Jets prepare for the second round of the playoffs, Winnipeg is preparing to cheer on their team in crowds tens of thousands strong!

The Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties, which will continue during all home games of the second round of the NHL playoffs, will expand in size again.
The party will expand eastward to include the parking lot on Graham Avenue, between Smith and Garry Streets.
This expansion will include a massive new screen measuring 36 feet lengthwise, and 28 feet tall. With this new addition, there will now be a total of six television screens onsite. Other amenities and vendors will also increase to accommodate the larger venue capacity.
The start time for the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties are as follows:

• May 1: 5:00pm start (with game time start of 7:00pm)

• May 3: 6:00pm start (with game start time of 8:30pm)

Note: No time has been set for a potential May 7 party.

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