Bridge Drive-In

Address: 766 Jubilee Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 1P7
Phone: 204.475.6850

W: Bridge Drive-In

In August 2016 the legendary BDI -- "home of the creamiest shakes in town" -- launched their very own food truck. Winnipeggers then proceeded to Freak. Right. Out. You can now get their famous soft serve, along with all that Goog goodness (along with their other crazy concoctions) in various spots throughout the city. And what's even sweeter -- aside from beating the lines at their home base at 766 Jubilee Avenue -- is that the truck tends to stay open until 4 p.m (unlike most food trucks which wrap up at 2 p.m.), so it makes it easy to turn that downtown afternoon coffee break into an ice cream break (which is way better than a caffeine boost).

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