Check out our inspirational themed itineraries, updated twice a year and chalk full of information on things to do, places to eat and must sees!

  • Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
    Winnipeg is known as “the cultural cradle of Canada,” so no matter what time of year you visit you it’s guaranteed your artistic appetite will be...
  • Authentic Indigenous Authentic Indigenous
    For those looking for an authentic indigenous experience here in Winnipeg, well, you couldn’t have come to a better place. Winnipeg is the...
  • Culinary Adventure Culinary Adventure
    It’s hard to know where to begin when describing Winnipeg’s dynamic, celebrated dining scene. 2015 saw enRoute, Air Canada’s travel magazine,...
  • Family Fun Family Fun
    Superparents to the Rescue!With superhero movies all the rage nowadays, it’s a common sight to see your kids idolizing all these high-flying,...
  • French Quarter French Quarter
    Bonjour.Comment ça va? Très bien, merci! Exploring Winnipeg’s French Quarter, St. Boniface, is a lot like preparing a soufflé: don’t rush, take...
  • Health & Wellness Health & Wellness
    One of my yoga instructors Vonne always says, “Your toes are prisoners in your shoes.” Let’s heed her expert advice. Take off your footwear we’ll...
  • ​How to Spend 24 Hours in Winnipeg With Kids ​How to Spend 24 Hours in Winnipeg With Kids
    With so many video game beeps and cartoon show booms, it’s easy to feel like your home is being overtaken by distractions. So book a trip that’s...
  • The James Bond Connection The James Bond Connection
    Without Winnipeg there would be no James Bond. I kid you not Miss Moneypenny.It all began in a clapboard house in the inner-city...
  • Manitoba Day Trips Manitoba Day Trips
    If you had just three days to live it up in Manitoba, what would you do? Why not take advantage of local expertise and select a ready-made...
  • Outdoor Explorer Outdoor Explorer
    Forgot your telescope? Didn’t pack a rappelling rope? Been awhile since your spelunker days?Then follow me, as I know all the go-to places to get...
  • Romance Romance
    You looking to get a little romantic on your trip to Winnipeg? Well, I’m here to help. I know all the ins and outs of turning up the heat...
  • Shopping Shopping
    Half Day Start off your shopping adventure in the Corydon area with some much-needed sustenance at Falafel Place, where you can fill up on...
  • Winnipeg in four days Winnipeg in four days
    You’re going to do Winnipeg, and you only have four days (at most)? Then we’re going to have to pull out the Greatest Hits Compilation...

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