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Moccasin Walk  - 1 hour 
Like many Indigenous languages Michif is a descriptive language. Sometimes several words in French are used to designate a thing or item: “l’arbre à saint” (saints’ tree) for sage; “graines bleues” (blue seeds) for blueberries, and “souliers mous” (soft shoes) for moccasins!

Who are the Métis “of the Red River”? What stories can deepen our understanding of the Métis, help us celebrate their history and stand in solidarity with them? From the notorious MacDoug, a tireless ferry operator, to the tragic fate of Elzéar Goulet. From self-governance during large buffalo hunts to the entrepreneurial spirit of dedicated millers. We will share stories, big and small, to recognize the complexity of the Métis nation on this walking tour.   

  • July and August ·      
  • Daily ·      
  • See website for available times ·      
  • Adult $7 ·      
  • Children (11 and under) free ·      
  • Includes a free admission to the museum     

The Women Who Made Us - 1 hour 

Ranging from a clandestine kidnapping to a devastating candle making accident. The first women to make a salary in the Canadian west to the empire of healthcare established in Saint-Boniface. History reveals the contributions made by women that have forged our community. This hour-long walking tour includes markers that celebrate architects, artists, authors and contemporary artisans.        

  • July and August      
  • Daily      
  • See website for available times     
  • Adult $7     
  • Children (11 and under) free   
  • Includes a free admission to the museum

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