Giselles Day Spa and Professional Skin Care

Address: 30-166 Meadowood Drive, Winnipeg, MB, R2M 5G8
Phone: 204.253.0900

W: Giselles Day Spa and Professional Skin Care

Giselles strives to inspire women to believe in their beauty and to empower women to believe in themselves, to expect the best and to offer the opportunity for women to make themselves a priority.

At the new Giselles, the best includes a wide range of products, including those with no harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives. We believe in overall well-being and not just the superficial enhancement. Staff know the ingredients in all our spa products – both retail and in-spa – and are committed to giving you a choice – tailored to skin care needs.

Giselles Day Spa offers a comprehensive menu of skin care and spa services, all focused on making your spa experience rejuvenating, refreshing and restorative.

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