Aboriginal Designers Cooperative

Address: 865 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2W 3N9
Phone: 204.949.1338

W: Aboriginal Designers Cooperative

The Aboriginal Designers Cooperative is located on the main floor of Neechi Commons at 865 Main Street, Winnipeg Mb. The cooperative is made up of 6 Aboriginal Designers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The members create fashion and design. Fashion and design covers not only apparel, it also include home décor, professional décor, anywhere people live and includes what people decorate their spaces with. All the members have various levels of experience, expertise and education in design, some formal and some ‘self-taught’ or as they will tell you, they learned from mom’s, grandmothers, aunties and other community members. As designers, artists, and artisans, we were all accustomed to working independently, and working from home. Some of us had fellow designers we collaborated with, bounced ideas off, but for the most part, we worked alone. The non-aboriginal fashion world and industry can often be a mean, cut-throat business. When coming together to form this cooperative, we knew this would be different. Having a cooperative for designers is a bold step, and one we took with excitement, and confidence. We came together to support each other, help each other, mentor each other, work together to the best of our abilities, and to bring our designs to as many people as possible.

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