Tiber River Naturals

Address: 408 Academy Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3N 0B9
Phone: 204.474.2333
Fax: 204.487.6431

W: Tiber River Naturals

Locally produced, fresh handmade body products Tiber River use their own formula and test them on themselves, friends, family and customers (willingly, of course!) Their products are never tested on animals - except when testing the soon to be available pet products - which are coming soon! Tiber River is different than any other store around - ANYWHERE!! Their ingredients read like a grocery list - fruits, vegetables, cold pressed oils, rice, ground almonds, and chocolate!! They DON’T use extracts, either, only the REAL thing!! Tiber River pride themselves on NOT using ingredients that harm either the person or the environment.

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