Ultimate Lockdown

Address: 1819 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 2A2
Phone: 204.691.1100

W: Ultimate Lockdown

Ultimate Lockdown rooms are edgy, dark, and suspenseful. Rooms are dimly lit, and players are fully immersed in a suspenseful soundscape to set the mood of the game. Teams use lanterns or flashlights to hunt for clues and solve puzzles.  Every element is designed to make the experience truly immersive.  Expect your heart rate to be elevated and your nerves to be frazzled.

Also, Ultimate Lockdown believes the game should be difficult. In fact, most groups should expect that they will not beat the room in 60 minutes. You can check the difficulty rating of each of our rooms, but expect that these games are designed to be extremely challenging. If your group successfully beats the room, you’ll have something to really brag about!

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