How to get to Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of the province of Manitoba and is accessible from almost anywhere in the world. Located in the geographic centre of Canada, Winnipeg is easily accessible by air, land or rail.

By Air

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
2000 Wellington Avenue
P: 204.987.9402

St. Andrews Airport
202-705 South Gate Road
St. Andrews, MB R1A 3P9
P: 204.983.3735

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (LINK) welcomes 3.4 million passengers annually. With in excess of 120 flights per day, the airport is serviced by major and local carriers including: Air Canada, Delta, United Airlines and WestJet.

Additional services are readily available through major charter operators or private air transportation facilities. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport enjoys non-stop services from major U.S. hub airports: Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Phoenix. Delta and United Airlines offer nearly 100 direct flights per week departing from Winnipeg, which ranks third among the 12 Canadian mid-sized cities surveyed by the number of scheduled direct flights.

For information on booking your flight to Winnipeg, take advantage of the links below:
Passenger Carriers (serving main terminal building)
Passenger Carriers (serving main terminal building)

Air Canada
Reservations: 1.888.247.2262
Flight Info: 1.888.422.7533

Air Transat
Reservations: 1.866.847.1112

Bearskin Airlines
Reservations: 1.800.465.2327

Calm Air
Reservations: 1.800.839.2256

Delta Airlines
Reservations: 1.800.221.1212


Fast Air
Phone: 1.888.372.3780 or 204.982.7240

First Air
Reservations: 1.800.267.1247

Jazz Airline
Customer Service: 1.866.222.6688

Keystone Air Service Ltd.
Phone: 1.800.665.3975 or 204.338.6131

Kivalliq Air
Information: 1.877.855.1500 or 204.888.5619

Northwest Airlines
Reservations: 1.800.225.2525
Flight Information: 1.800.441.1818

Northway Aviation
Phone: 1.888.NORTHWAY or 1.888.667.8492

Perimeter Aviation
Charter Information: 204.786.7031
Reservations& Flight Information: 204.783.8000 or 1.800.665.8986

Skyward Aviation
Customer Service: 1.866.222.6688

United Airlines
Reservations: 1.800.589.5582

WestJet Airlines
Reservations: 1.WESTJET or 1.888.538.5696
Customer Service: 1.877.WJ.CARES or 1.888.952.2737
Flight Information: 204.984.9200 Flight Information: 1.800.441.1818

West Wind Aviation
Phone: 1.877.245.5550

Zoom Airlines
Phone: 1.866.FLY.ZOOM or 1.866.359.9666
Other Passenger Carriers

For more information on flying to and from Winnipeg, visit the Winnipeg Airports Authority website at

Air Times to Winnipeg

  • Vancouver - 2:55 hours
  • Calgary - 2:03 hours
  • Toronto - 2:17 hours
  • Ottawa - 2:25 hours
  • Montreal - 2:33 hours
  • Minneapolis - 1:19 hours
  • Chicago - 2:00 hours
  • New York - 3:39 hours
  • Miami - 6:17 hours
  • Dallas - 4:52 hours
  • Denver - 2:30 hours
  • Los Angeles - 5:20 hours
  • Yellowknife - 7:45 hours
  • Iqaluit - 5:15 hours

By Rail

VIA Rail
123 Main Street
Toll Free (Canada and U.S.): 1.888.VIA.RAIL

The Canadian, one of VIA Rail’s proudest services, travels across Canada and stops in Winnipeg. The Hudson Bay departs from Winnipeg and travels up to Churchill. VIA Rail Canada runs more than 480 trains per week over a 14,000 kilometre network, linking more than 450 localities in Canada. Over four million passengers travel on VIA Rail each year. You can connect to Via Rail through Amtrack or your local carrier.

For more information on booking your ticket, please visit:

By Road

Whether you are driving on your own or letting someone do the driving for you, Winnipeg is an easy destination to get to and is only one hour north of the U.S. border crossing at Pembina North Dakota.

In Canada:

  • The No. 1 Trans-Canada Highway (east-west) provides direct connection to all major urban centres in the country.

From the United States:

  • Manitoba No. 7 South to connect with U.S. Interstate No. 29 and Minnesota No. 94 (border crossing: Emerson).
  • Manitoba No. 59 to connect with Minnesota No. 59 and U.S. #2 (border crossing: Tolstoi).

By Bus

The Winnipeg Bus Terminal is located at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Ticketing available Monday to Sunday: 6:30 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.; and on holidays: 6:30 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. For more information on ticket purchases, please call or visit the websites noted below:

  • Beaver Bus Lines Ltd.
    339 Archibald Street
    Phone: 204.989.7007
    Toll free in Canada: 1.800.432.5072
  • Brandon Air Shuttle
    (ground transportation between Brandon and Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport)
    Phone: 204.729.3332 or 1.888.884.5533

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