Culinary Adventure Spring / Summer

The Toronto Star recently remarked that Winnipeg’s “brag-worthy food scene mixes hipster, local, aboriginal, Jewish and French with assorted multicultural eats,” which pretty much nails it.

We’re a city with more than 1,100 restaurants where over 100 languages are spoken, so it should come as no surprise that a world of flavours is represented by our restaurants.

In the last five years or so the city has really come into its own as a celebrated culinary destination with numerous chef-owned restaurants, third wave coffee shops, craft cocktail bars and breweries, bakeries and pop-up events. Our epicurean history is also studded with Jewish delicatessens, hole in the wall ethnic eateries, and white tablecloth fine dining establishments, many of the standard bearers of which persist today.

We cover almost every aspect of this culinary scene on, our culinary guide that contains chef profiles, culinary news, and categorical restaurant reviews on only the best restaurants in the city. On top of that, below we’ve also supplied you with a “best of” in regards to our most sought-after culinary categories.

Cafés – Because the third wave coffee phenomenon hit Winnipeg like a tsunami, we now take our beans seriously. Every Winnipeg neighbourhood has a trendy designed coffee shop where hip staff will brew you the perfect cup. Here are some of our favs:

 Parlour Coffee (468 Main Street)

 Fools + Horses (379 Broadway)

 Forth (171 McDermot Avenue)

Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea (250 Kennedy Street & 64 Sherbrook Street)

Café Postal (202 Provencher Boulevard)

Breakfast and Brunch – Eggs, bacon and toast are so 2005. These spots all specialize in taking brunch to the next level with excellent egg dishes, craft ingredients and great coffee to boot:

• Clementine (123 Princess Street)

• Tallest Poppy (103 Sherbrook Street)

• Falafel Place (1101 Corydon Avenue)

• Miss Browns (288 William Avenue)

• Marion Street Eatery (393 Marion Street)

Delis / Sandwiches – Sandwich making has become a form of art at these Winnipeg establishments where slow roasted meats and a world of sauces are just a start.

• King + Bannatyne (100 King Street)

• Sherbrook Street Delicatessen (102 Sherbrook Street)

 Nick’s on Broadyway (287 Broadway)

Fast / Casual – The perfect spots to pick up something ridiculously good before heading out for a summer picnic at our beloved parks.

Baraka Pita Bakery (1783 Main Street)

 Chosabi (100 King St & 2696 Pembina Highway)

 Beet Happening (818 Notre Dame Avenue)

 Shawarma Khan (225 McDermot Avenue)

Patios – The best way to get the real feel of a city is to do some people watching from a sunny patio.  Peasant Cookery and Bar Italia both provide the ideal perch to see what the locals do, Tavern’s rooftop setting gives you great views of the city, while 529’s garden patio is the height of sophistication and relaxation away from the crowds.

• Peasant Cookery (283 Bannatyne Avenue)

• Bar Italia (737 Corydon Avenue)

• 529 Wellington (529 Wellington Crescent)

• Tavern United (260 Hargrave Street – rooftop)

Small Plates / Share Plates / Tapas – These chef-driven rooms have all received heaps of national acclaim, appearing on “best of” lists and being the standouts for what is North America’s current hot culinary trend.

• deer + almond (85 Princess Street)

• Enoteca (1670 Corydon Avenue)

• Segovia (484 Stradbrook Avenue)

Eclectic – If you are with a group that can’t make up its mind and you need a menu with a little something for everyone, these are the spots for you.

• Capital Grill (3116 Roblin Boulevard)

• Cornerstone (93 Osborne Street)

• The Grove (164 Stafford Street)

Ice Cream / Gelato – During Winnipeg’s hot summers a sweet cool-down is always in order, so after you’ve dined do as the locals do and hit up one of our famed ice cream stands.

• Bridge Drive-In (766 Jubilee Avenue)

• Sargent Sundae (2053 Portage Avenue)

• Eva’s Gelato (1001 Corydon Avenue)

• Nucci’s Gelati (643 Corydon Avenue)

Cocktails – A nightcap is always in order, and Forth in The Exchange has become the hip hang for a handcrafted cocktail. As well, in trendy Corydon/River Heights both the Roost and Close Co. have become the standard bearers when it comes to great drinks and small plates, while also featuring excellent summer patios that are an ideal spot to end your evening.

• The Roost (651 Corydon Avenue)

 Forth (171 McDermot Avenue)

• Close Co. (256 Stafford Street)


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