Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon: The Planetarium Experience

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7:30pm or 8:30pm

Pink Floyd’s iconic album ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’, originally released in March 1973, turned 50 last year, and what more fitting a place to celebrate it and experience it than in a planetarium, through the music set to visuals. With the help of modern technology, the idea of a show combining breath-taking views of the solar system and beyond, played out to 42 minutes of The Dark Side of The Moon in surround sound, has been embraced by the band. NSC Creative have led the visual production efforts, working closely with Pink Floyd’s long-time creative collaborator Aubrey Powell from Hipgnosis.

For music lovers looking for a more hands-on concert experience, come early and you’ll get the chance to explore the universe with an adult twist! Show attendees can enjoy beverages at a pop-up bar opening an hour before showtime in the Museum’s Science Gallery and relive the explorations of their youth with hands-on science

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