Manitoba Chamber Orchestra: Beethoven vs Haydn

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Westminster Church
745 Westminster Ave
Tel: (204) 783-7377
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1pm & 7:30pm

BEETHOVEN ONCE REMARKED he “never learned anything” from his former teacher Haydn. Ouch.

By most accounts, Haydn wasn’t a particularly attentive teacher. But it’s possible Beethoven was overeager to distance himself from this influence. After all, Herr Haydn wrote more than 10x as many symphonies, and wounded B’s pride with less than glowing reviews of his music. Beethoven’s Ninth is sometimes regarded as the final word on Romantic symphonies, yet Haydn’s joyful symphonies continue to resonate in concert halls across the world to great fanfare.

One such concert hall is Westminster Church, where MCO Music Director Anne Manson has often conducted symphonies by Haydn. Beethoven’s popular reputation as the symphonic GOAT (greatest of all time) may be secure, but it’ll be such fun to hear Anne speak to MCO audiences at this concert about the connections between the two composers and their pieces. Up for consideration are 1) B’s Symphony No. 7, whose second movement may be the greatest sequence of classical music ever written in a minor key; and 2) H’s ecstatic Symphony No. 96, whose original nickname ‘the Miracle’ has stuck for good reason. Which is better overall? Are they equals? We’ll let you be the judge.

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