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The Little Eggplant was created as a collective journey from traditional ingredients used in our family kitchens for generations, where everything was created from scratch and with a purpose.

We’ve also drawn inspiration from the streets of Italy and their deli style cafés and food trucks which are very popular in serving hearty panini and desserts in every city throughout the country.

Our goal is to bring that same warmth and feel to the streets, offices and homes of Winnipeg.

We use only the best products to create delicious food for all to enjoy. Our pride flows and is evident in the preparation of our menu items. Our sauces and vegetable marinades are done from scratch with the utmost diligence and care. The garlic gets roasted and peeled for our aioli as do our sweet and hot peppers for our pepper sauce and spicy mustard. Precise amounts of herbs and spices are carefully layered to produce an abundance of flavors that compliment our selection of cured meats, cheeses, marinated and fresh vegetables.

Another feature we have added to our panini is the incorporation of two very flavorful and aromatic spreads which are created from scratch as well. Each panini has either a sun-dried tomato or extra virgin olive oil basil spread. We decided to utilize these heavy hitting flavors as they provide a wonderful texture and scent to each handmade item.

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