Volunteer of the Year

Winnipeg Tourism Volunteer of the Year Award of Distinction

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Presented to a volunteer — or volunteer program — in the hospitality industry who demonstrates service excellence by going above and beyond in order to provide outstanding service that enhances a visitor’s experience for increased customer satisfaction.

Award Winner - Gerry Suski

Award Nominees

Guy and Joanne Noel - FESTIVAL DU VOYAGEUR

Guy and Joanne Noel have donated their time to the Festival du Voyageur’s Visiting Festival delegations program for 17 years, hosting dignitaries who represent various U.S. festivals. No task is too large or too small, and they go out of their way to meet guests’ needs. They are present and engaged not only in the planning of the Visiting Festival program, but also during the visitors’ stays. They care deeply about Winnipeg and want to ensure delegations have memorable experiences. They treat every visitor as longtime friends and are easy to connect with.


Gerry Suski has hosted tours and events at the Royal Aviation Museum ofWestern Canada for five years. After meeting Gerry, visitors leave with a great impression of the museum and of Winnipeg. His extensive knowledge of the museum’s collection allows him to customize each tour, taking into consideration visitors’ ages, interests and previous exposure to Canadian aviation history. An outstanding ambassador, he always finds innovative ways to share the museum’s collection using anecdotes, stories and endless aviation-themed jokes. He has also developed an extensive training manual for the guides.


Since Jayne Sims started at Assiniboine Park Conservancy in June 2014, she has donated 2,360 hours of her time—with 1,084 hours in 2016 alone. Jayne’s primary role is as a zoo ambassador, welcoming locals and visitors from around the world. She also volunteers with the educational events presented in the park and zoo, spending time with all participants to guarantee they have rewarding experiences. She even attends many weekend and evening events, working long hours to ensure guests are satisfied.