Bring It Home Award

Winnipeg Tourism Bring it Home Award of Distinction

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Presented to an individual, organization or business influential in bringing a meeting, convention and/or event to Winnipeg, resulting in increased visitation.

Award Winner - Sachit Mehra

If you’ve dined at the award-winning East India Company, chances are you’re familiar with Sachit Mehra. He has long been an integral part of this decades-old family business established by his mother and father, Sudha and Kamal. Sachit’s innovative contributions to the local hospitality industry were formally recognized very early in his career after he received the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” honour from the Asia Pacific Foundation when he was just 19 years old. Since then, Sachit has helped East India Company become renowned both locally and nationally. A Winnipeg ambassador in every sense of the word, Sachit is a well-known leader in the city. His love for all things Winnipeg was strongly in evidence when he convinced Liberal Party of Canada brass to bring the party’s 2016 biennial convention to the city last May. Supported by the Bring It Home program, Sachit’s work on behalf of Winnipeg made the convention an unmitigated success. But that was then, and this is now. This year, Sachit is once again sating his passion for Winnipeg by participating on the sponsorship committee promoting the upcoming International Downtown Association’s 2017 annual conference in September. A past chair of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ management board, Sachit has only just begun to make his mark on the Prairie city he calls home.