Take advantage of the Tourism Winnipeg Ambassador Program to ensure that your visitors have the ultimate tourism experiences while in Winnipeg through on-site information sessions, familiarization tours and weekly news bulletins.

Visitor Information Presentation

Tourism Winnipeg delivers complimentary on-site Visitor Information Presentations to ensure partners speak with authenticity and expertise on Winnipeg.

This training arms guest services staff with tools to answer questions about what to see and do in Winnipeg so your guests/clients have the utmost tourism experiences that will encourage repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth advertising. Invest in your staff by offering this free-of-charge professional development session.

Format – Delivered on site

  • 60 minutes of presentation and discussion
  • Requires a meeting room with a screen, projector and speakers
  • Hand-outs are provided by Tourism Winnipeg as resources in order to become the resident expert

Topics include

  • Top attractions around the city (tips & highlights)
  • Seasonal festivals and events
  • New developments

Product Familiarization Tours

Product Familiarization Tour at Assiniboine Park.

Tourism Winnipeg organizes familiarization tours of Winnipeg’s tourism products so guest services staff are better able to promote the things to see and do in Winnipeg.

If you would like to invite front-line staff to experience your tourism product or if you would like to attend an event, please contact Sarah.


  • Free advertising
  • Increased tourism product knowledge
  • Networking opportunities to cross-promote
  • Professional development

Itinerary Builder

Tourism Winnipeg offers an online itinerary builder so you can provide your visitors with a customized list of things to see and do in Winnipeg. This tool allows front-line staff to create multiple itineraries that are easily shareable and completely personalized to give visitors the best recommendations and help you develop a positive connection. We’ve put together the below video to show you how it works.