We encourage you to partner with us on these fantastic free partnership opportunities:

Visitor Information Presentation and Toolkit

Tourism Winnipeg staff are trained to offer the best information on things to do and see in the city. Staff can also provide detailed itineraries and make suggestions for travellers of all types. Tourism Winnipeg can help enhance visitor stays by training your front-line staff. The visitor information presentation and toolkit delivered on-site provides:

  • Current information on attractions and events
  • Feedback on what visitors are interested in
  • Tourism Winnipeg publications for re-distribution

Product Familiarization Tours

Tourism Winnipeg will provide stakeholders opportunities to participate in quarterly familiarization tours of various Winnipeg tourism establishments in order to increase product knowledge for frontline staff and sales managers.

The familiarization tour provides:

  • Current information on attractions, events and hotels
  • Product testing for increased word-of-mouth advertising and referrals

Media Gallery

Promote your product or brand by featuring images and / or videos of your establishment in our password-protected media gallery on tourismwinnipeg.com. Images should be a minimum of 300 dpi and 800px x 600px size.

Customize Your Website Listing

Customize and enhance your listing on tourismwinnipeg.com by adding your social media links, logo, Google map, website URL, TripAdvisor link, a 100-200 word description, and images.

Social Media Contesting

Tourism Winnipeg can run a contest or giveaway through its social media channels with a prize or product donation*.

*subject to approval of prize or donation and scope of project