Big Fun Festival

Venue: The Good Will Social Club
Address: 625 Portage Winnipeg, MB

The Big Fun Festival is an annual, five day music festival showcasing multiple genres of music in several venues in downtown Winnipeg every January. Using Winnipeg’s prairie winter as the backdrop, the festival showcases the best of Manitoba’s current and upcoming artists as well as some hand picked acts from across Canada.  

Manitoba maintains a reputation for having a rich artistic community as well as a bitter winter.  The Big Fun Festival brings these two elements of our Province together to create an annual festival our city can be proud of.

The festival runs from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon.  There are a variety of paid and free, 18+ and all ages, events taking place throughout the weekend in close proximity to each other so that festival-goers can travel between the shows. 

Shows on the same evening are staggered and are distinct in sound and delivery so that you can have many different experiences all in one Big Fun weekend.

pout - Big Fun 2018 by INNERVISION from BIG FUN FESTIVAL on Vimeo.

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