La Scala Cafe

Address: 12-725 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 0W4
Phone: 204.474.2750

W: La Scala Cafe

Corydon Avenue’s Perry Scaletta has won accolades not only as a world class athlete, but as Executive Chef & owner of La Scala Café. Opened in 1990, this nationally recognized eatery is a laid back, stylishly sexy event venue and bustling summer patio. Pasta, pizza, seafood and steak continue to impress; worthy of applause is Perry’s famous dumplings & sugarless/flourless chocolate torte. World renowned artist Tony Tascona energizes the room, blending well with Winnipeg’s only colour-morphing bar surface. LCD televisions mix with marble and sculpture creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bose speaker technology delivers enveloping sound to every corner of the room; inviting guests to linger over a game of pool or relax in the lounge. This distinctive space accommodates private events for up to 80 people.

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