Winnipeg's Culinary Series: Culinary Trails

Want to know the best places to eat? Ask a local.

That’s the thinking behind Peg City Grub’s Culinary Trails, themed food adventures that do the all the heavy thinking for you. Take a tasty trek to the city’s star diners, en vogue bistros and hole-in-the-wall haunts. You’ll discover Winnipeg’s thriving food culture, meet the movers and shakers on the cuisine scene and taste some fantastic food.

Pick a trail, print our handy guide and map and pack your appetite. Sample the city’s top-notch brunches, become an expert in cocktail culture or find the best patios in town.

And by the time your stomach’s full, you’ll know why Winnipeg’s food scene is all the buzz.

Homegrown Trail - representative image

Homegrown Trail

Take this tasty tour of Manitoba regional cuisine served in fine dining rooms, diners and hopping hot spots around the province’s capital city.

Brunch Around the Block - representative image

Brunch Around the Block

If you want eggs, you got it. Not to mention fried chicken and waffles, Benny’s beyond belief, artisanal roasted and sourced coffee and possibly a hair of the dog drink, if you need one. Winnipeg has celebrated brunch spots all over the city, and lots of them, so here are just a couple to start your day right.

Drinks Anyone? - representative image

Drinks Anyone?

Winnipeg is bubbling with both classy drinking establishments and proud dive bars alike, with fun, reputable spots on just about every major street. For this culinary trail we are going to move from the heights of sophistication, through to watering holes where you can meet the artistic locals where the music just may get loud, but the drinks will always be top notch.

Good to go - representative image

Good to go

Winnipeg has so many options for delicious to go food that it is admittedly difficult to pinpoint where to begin. So for this culinary trail we are going to make it easy on you navigators and work our way north-south, highlighting oh-so-good ethnic food, iconic burgers and some freshness that you’ll surely need for an excellent finish.

Around the world in 8 or 9 plates - representative image

Around the world in 8 or 9 plates

Winnipeg is a city where over 100 languages are spoken, so it should come as no surprise that a world of flavours are represented in our restaurants. Our dining scene has always had excellent ethnic hole in the walls, while new rooms have also opened in the last several years where immigrants have brought authentic dishes from their homelands. Here are some of our city’s can’t-miss worldly rooms – which, ironically, are literally easy to miss because some of them are pretty hidden, being either place at the bottom of buildings, in strip malls, or at the bottom of a parking garage.

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