Bao House

637 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3M 0W3
Phone: 204.504.8383

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Their first season on the streets (summer 2018) was so successful that it led to the opening of a Baohouse restaurant right on Corydon in the former location of Bisita (637 Corydon) -- which interestingly enough was also a spin-off of the food truck Pimp My Rice.

The restaurant has been serving steamed buns, Japadog-inspired hot dogs, sliders, and sushi towers since March 2019, while this summer, from April through October, the bun mobile will be back in action, slinging baos done in the style that David Chang made famous in North America, in that the buns themselves are used more like a taco shell, as opposed to wrapped around the filling and pinched at the top to form a ball before being steamed.

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21 Forks Market Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 4T7
1 855 PEG CITY (734-2489)

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