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The first establishment in Winnipeg to offer a fast-paced, interactive game called Music Bingo. 

Music Bingo is similar to the type of bingo played in church basements and seniors homes with one major difference: instead of calling out numbers from 1 to 75, he’ll be serving up 30 to 45 second snippets of popular tunes from a wide variety of genres, all of which are stored on an officially licensed tablet.

If you recognize the song being played at random and it’s listed on your bingo card by title and artist, mark that space with a coin or provided felt marker, he instructs, stressing this isn’t a trivia competition: if you’re not familiar with what you’re listening to, feel free to ask a neighbouring table or utilize a music recognition app such as Shazam or BeatFind to help you out. Also, if it’s a ditty you’re particularly fond of — as a warm-up, he cranks the volume on Sweet Caroline — don’t be shy to sing along or, better yet, get out of your chair and shake your moneymaker.

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