Cho Ichi Ramen

1151 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2A3
Phone: 204.615.8832

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Cho Ichi focuses on just one noodle option — thin and straight — but these fresh house-made wheat noodles have a satisfying, slurpable bounce. Under the two main broth options, one can augment with three traditional variations, shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt) or the cloudy, umami taste of miso. The fourth possibility is the spicy garlic, which has some heat but maybe not enough for people who like firecracker levels. There is also a vegetarian option, the broth delicate but deep in flavour and creamy in consistency, served with tofu. Each option includes some add-ins — say, a seasoned egg, mushrooms and bamboo shoots, a sprinkling of green onions. Miso is complemented with fresh, sweet corn and black garlic.

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