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Taste Winnipeg's quirky food scene November 19, 2014

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — Mike Green is a bit of a shmoo, all things considered. Actually, once you meet him in person it will become quite clear that he’s also a real Goog-head, and a big one at that.

Fighting words for sure. Go to a bar in Calgary, Charlottetown, Regina or Ottawa, look a man in the eyes and call him a shmoo or a Goog-head and you’ll probably end up being asked to continue the conversation outside. But this is Winnipeg and in these parts, everyone is a bit of a shmoo.

Behind the Line: Winnipeg chef Scott Bagshaw of Deseo Bistro and Enoteca November 6, 2014

Scott Bagshaw is one of the city's top chefs. Well educated and experienced, he has garnered accolades for both his original eatery Deseo Bistro (it claimed a top spot in enRoute's Canada's Best New Restaurants list a few years ago) and the newly opened Enoteca. He has collaborated with other notable chefs in town like Mandel Hitzer and Adam Donnelly, his flavours are balanced, his plating is clean, but like most notable chefs in this country, he has a bit of reputation that precedes him.

8 outstanding poutines to try from coast to coast November 1, 2014

5. Peasant Cookery @peasantcookery (Winnipeg, MB) There’s something nice and homey about this restaurant in the exchange district of downtown Winnipeg. The menu is all about good ol’ home cooked food, but taken up a notch. Crispy fries are topped with curds from a local producer, Bothwell Cheese and a bacon gravy. We’ll order two please.


5 kid-friendly activities in Winnipeg, Canada October 20, 2014

An ancient meeting place of Native American tribes, an immigrant hub and the largest French-speaking population in the West, the Canadian prairie city of Winnipeg has an abiding sense of diversity, deep roots and the kind of global ingenuity that creates matchless ideas. It’s the proud hometown of Winnie the Pooh and Canadian rock band The Guess Who, and that right there might explain the eclectic appeal.

My family of five has diverse interests, both urban and wild, and we were thoroughly engaged by what we found to do and see in Winnipeg, a place brimming with marvels for us all.

In a heart beat: check out Manitoba

Travel Industry Today: October 8, 2014

Talk to a local from Manitoba and they’ll tell you Manitoba is the heart of Canada. It helps that the province is smack in the middle of the country. But then again if you’re from a place where sightings of polar bears, beluga whales and catching the biggest trout on record are possible then no wonder hearts go a-beating.

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