Tourism Trends

Tourism research underpins our strategic planning and decision making, providing accountability to our stakeholders and responding to the increasingly sophisticated information demands of industry partners. The need for timely, insightful research is amplified by growing competition, rapidly evolving consumer attitudes, technological innovation and changing market conditions.

Our research program effectively captures and reports on tourism economics, delivering relevant information for its own use as well as that of industry partners.We provide relevant data collection, monitoring and reporting on accommodation statistics, tourism economic facts and figures, market reports, research resources, research links and website trends. 

Tourism Research Plan

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Tourism Barometer Reports

2014 Barometer Report, Volume 6

To view the online version of The Barometer Report please click here

2013 - 2014 Barometer Report, Volume 5

To view the online version of the Barometer Report please click here

2013 Barometer Report

To view the online version of the Barometer Report please click here

2012 Barometer Report Volume 3

2012 Barometer Report

2011 Barometer Report

Tourism Sector Profile

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and fourth-largest urban centre in Western Canada; an attractive destination for the leisure or business traveler, with much to offer. Highlights include its rich history and cultural mosaic, turn-of-the-last-century architecture, world-class arts and culture, international cuisine, an eclectic music scene, professional sports and a variety of outdoor adventures. To view the sector profile click here

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